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Your dream of sleeping overnight in the Wienermobile can now come true

The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, which has certainly been a fixture around here in Wisconsin, is now an Airbnb. Seriously.

Oscar Mayer tweeted to Wienermobile enthusiasts -- and even those who weren't enthusiastic until they found out this news -- that pretty soon they'll be able to book a night's lodging inside one of their giant hot dogs on wheels.

The tweets says: "Set a reminder for (July 24), when booking opens on @Airbnb and become one of the first guests in the @Wienermobile!," with a link to the Airbnb listing, where it says you can "relish" a stay on it.

The Wienermobile is a one bedroom, one-bath joint, listed on Airbnb in the "Camper/RV" category. It's down in the Chicago area, listing for $136 per night - cheap for a Chicago area place to stay!

It also comes with a grill, a mini-fridge filled with hot dogs, an Oscar Meyer roller grill, art and welcome kit inside, and space to enjoy outside.

The drawbacks: there's no kitchen, heat, or wi-fi.

But still, isn't it worth it to sleep inside a hot dog?

Oscar Mayer Wieners Visit Chicago school

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