See this "Gender Reveal" literally go up in flames

Gender reveal parties... they started out kinda cute. You know, they know the gender of the baby (this is our two-gender world, not where some people are saying there are 65 of them or whatever) by having some be "revealed" with a color to indicate whether the impending bundle of joy will be a boy or a girl. It started with things like cakes, where you cut into the cake and the color inside reveals the gender. But as usual, people have to start topping one another with everything from paintball parties to fireworks.

One couple in Australia thought it would be fun to "hot rod" the gender reveal party and have a driver perform a burnout - that's where they hit the gas but hold or put pressure on the brake to cause the tires to spin and smoke on the pavement. The resulting smoke was initially blue, indicating they'll be having a boy. However, blue turned to black when the overheating and stress on the brakes and engine became too much, and the car burst into flames.

The drive was unharmed, but his insurance agent wasn't too happy.

I wonder they'll name the kid "Blaze"? Video is below...

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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