WATCH: Jerry Seinfeld nails a strike tossing the first pitch at a Mets game

Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld got to toss out the first pitch at Citi Field Friday night, and nailed it! Wearing the jersey of Cy Young award-winning Mets pitcher Jacob DeGrom, the 65-year-old comedian whipped a ball sidearm and got it right over the plate, much to the delight of Mets fans in attendance.

After the throw, Jerry went up and joined the broadcast crew, which included Keith Hernandez, who memorably appeared in an episode of Seinfeld. Jerry talked about that and even called a little bit of the game in this video. Check it out, it's fun!

Should I do a "master of his domain" joke about this at all? Naaaah...

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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