New EricCast podcast: The push to "Light the Hoan" and beautify a bridge

The Hoan Bridge - the big one along the lakefront that looks like a McDonald's arch - is pretty dark at night, towering over Summerfest, the harbor, and Jones Island. "Light the Hoan" is pushing to light it up at night and turn it into one of the most dynamic nighttime features of the city skyline. They're looking to add LED lights, which can combine for over 1.5 million color shades and form a variety of patterns, that will make the bridge do everything from brighten up the Harbor area to pulsate with the music on a Summerfest stage.

Light the Hoan is a non-profit organization that formed to see this through. They've had to get approval from local, state, and federal governments (after all, the Hoan Bridge carried Interstate 794, a federal highway), the Coast Guard, and various community organizations as well as national organizations that work to protect migratory bird patterns and the like. Also, there's a matter of raising a few MILLION dollars to get it done. There's a lot to navigate!

Ian Abston is one of the organizing members of Light the Hoan and he joins me on the EricCast podcast to discuss what this takes, and how YOU can add a light (or multiple lights) to the bridge to dedicate to someone, or to just be a part of it!

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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