Learn more about advancing medical treatment with ALL OF US!

The future of health begins with you. How so?

You can be a part of the All Of Us Research Program, which is on a mission to help speed up health research breakthroughs. To do this, they're asking one million people to share health information, thereby giving researchers plenty of reference information to use in thousands of health studies.

So, you could truly be one in a million!

The health data you contribute will be stored in a database, which approved researchers can access to explore how factors like environment, lifestyle, and genes, can impact health. This may help develop new medical treatments that are unique to individuals.

The All of Us Research Program is part of the "Precision Medicine" Initiative. What does that mean? Precision medicine means health care based on you as an individual, taking into account factors like where you live, what you do, and your family health history. Precision medicine’s goal is to be able to tell people the best ways to stay healthy. Think of it as a customized health analysis and plan that can be developed for you, and every individual.

Your participation can therefore help both YOU as an individual, and, well, all of us. All you would need to do is complete health surveys and provide samples. Find out more and how to join here!



Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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