Is Your Bra Killing You? One new company is addressing that in the EricCast

Are you aware of just how many chemicals, metals, and other hazards lurk in women's bras and underwear? Wires cut off circulation; toxins from formaldehyde to heavy metals can absorb into your most sensitive body parts. We hear women sometimes say "this bra is killing me!," seemingly joking around in the sense of being uncomfortable. But since our bodies are electrical, need circulation, and don't want harmful chemicals and toxins, this could be a sad reality. We have, of course, seen increases in breast and other cancers over the years.

The Vibrant Body Company launched with a mission to change that. Co-founder Michael Drescher noticed friends, colleagues, and relatives discovering they had breast and other cancers - and some have died. Working to recruit women - and a few men - long involved in undergarment design, medicine, and more, the longtime entrepreneur went to work and helped start a company that seeks to revolutionize the women's undergarment industry. Vibrant works to design and promote safe, wireless yet supportive, stylish undergarments for comfortable and "clean" living where it really counts - while promoting better women's health. They sell online and have had pop-up shops in Milwaukee's Third Ward and also Venice Beach, California.

So how did the company start, how were initial reactions towards him, how did he get some of the most influential designers from New York to Germany to Asia to join, what have been reactions from across the industry, and where do things go from here? Eric Paulsen talks with Michael Drescher about the company's message for all girls and women, detoxing your underwear drawer, and giving the phrase "clean underwear" a whole new meaning. Listen here or click below!

Vibrant Body Company's toxin-free, no-wire bra example
Eric Paulsen with Michael Drescher of the Vibrant Body Company, talking on the EricCast podcast
Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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