Taco Bell customer calls cops because the restaurant ran out of taco shells

Taco Bell running out of taco shells? There oughta be a law!

Okay, so there's no law against Taco Bell running out of taco shells. That didn't stop an apparently very disappointed customer in Slidell, Louisiana from calling the cops, though, notifying the Slidell Police Department that this particular Bell has run out of "both hard and soft taco shells.”

How did police react? Well, they didn't show up and arrest anybody, not even the customer for placing such an over-the-top call. They did, however, joke about it on Facebook.

To quote the Slidell PD:

"It’s been a while, but another “we can’t make this stuff up“ story. Somebody called in to complain that the Taco Bell on Gause Boulevard ran out of both hard and soft taco shells. While this is truly a travesty, the police can’t do anything about this. Hopefully, they are replenished in time for Taco Tuesday!"

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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