Check us out on Discover Wisconsin this weekend as we head to SWISS-consin!

As you may know, along with my radio fun I also co-host on the TV show Discover Wisconsin. And this weekend, Mariah and I are taking what's almost like a mini-trip to Switzerland by going to Green County. This county, which holds Monroe, New Glarus, and a host of other great small towns, beautiful scenery, and a ton of cheese factories (this is the only place in the country where they still make Limburger), the Swiss heritage here is so strong we're calling it SWISSconsin in this episode.

Among other things, I get to explore Green County Cheese Days in Monroe, blow an alphorn (I didn't know what an alphorn was at first - trust me, I raised an eyebrow), and even try yodeling in the presence of someone who is an expert yodeler - and let's just say I didn't compare.

Mariah got to explore several cheese factories and farms, talked with the owners of New Glarus Brewery in New Glarus - home of Spotted Cow - as well as Monroe's Minhas and Bullquarian Breweries, and more. We also visit with a lot of locals who carry on a lot of fun bar traditions and give us one of Wisconsin's most unique, yet representative, slices. This Discover Wisconsin episode airs on Fox Sports Wisconsin (same channel as the Brewers and Bucks) at 10am Saturday, 6:30 Saturday night on WKOW-TV Channel 27 in Madison, and 10am Sunday morning on FOX6. Or, watch the whole episode on YouTube right now!

Thanks for watching - and listening. Have a great weekend!

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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