Crocs can now come with fanny packs for extra... um... coolness?

On this May Day, it's always good to at new things, but what in Sam Hill is this??

Those shoes that can be comfy, can be used at water parks and other places, but are big "no-no"s on a date or any event where you want to impress people - those shoes known as “Crocs” have gotten even more - interesting. The company that makes them has teamed up with a company called “Beams” - which is apparently based in Japan - to create ("Abracadabra!") Crocs with fanny packs.

This combination gives shoe fanatics all the comfort and style(?) of the original Crocs, but now with a place to store keys, cash, cards and other personal items. With all the style of a fanny pack.

You know, some say cargo shorts are passe, so if pockets aren’t your thing and bags weigh you down, these little zippered packs attached to your Crocs shoes might just fit the bill. This particular pair is called the Bespoke Pocket Crog, and costs $53. The little pouch can be brought forward to the front of the clog, so it looks exactly like a fanny pack, or it can sit at the back. They also have versions with visors (yes, you read that right.)

Are you salivating over these? You're in luck! They can be purchased on the Beams' website.

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Eric Paulsen

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