Brewers' minor league affiliate introduces their new mascot: "Toasty"

Minor league mascots are often creative. And the Milwaukee Brewers' new Pioneer League affiliate in Colorado Springs called the Rocky Mountain Vibes have introduced their new mascot: Toasty. And he looks a lot like a guy you see on TV involving food.

Yes, we're talking about Guy Fieri. Look at 'em side by side and tell me there's no similarity!

Photos courtesy of MiLB/Rocky Mountain Vibes

The team unveiled Toasty this past Saturday their local YMCA Healthy Kids Day - because a healthy breakfast starts with toast, right? The Rocky Mountain Vibes (I like it: it's also a take on John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High") have their opening weekend June 21-23, in case you want to road trip to Colorado Springs to catch a game.

And hey, whether you get the Guy Fieri vibe or not, Toasty is certainly eye-catching. Especially with the look that it might be catching on fire on top!

This totally made the news in Denver, too. See that coverage below...

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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