Dog rescued after being spotted swimming - 135 miles away from land

We all know dogs generally have a natural ability to swim. But 135 miles from shore? That's not normal.

That's why when a crew working on an oil rig that far from the coast of Thailand spotted the dog - paddling towards the platform - they fashioned a rope and pulled him up fro the rig's support structure to safety.

One worker from the Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production rig, Vitisak Payalaw, said on his Facebook page that they were lucky to spot it because if there had been waves it probably would not have been visible.

He also speculated the dog might have fallen off a fishing trawler. He dubbed the dog “Boon Rod,” or “Survivor.”

They then delivered the dog by boat to the Thai port of Songkhla Monday, where it was declared in good shape after being taken to the animal protection group Watchdog Thailand.

Vitisak added that if the dog was unclaimed, he would like to take it to his home in northeast Thailand.

Major kudos to the oil rig workers for spotting and rescuing the dog, and getting him back safely!

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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