People are deep-frying Cadbury Creme Eggs and I have mixed feelings

With Easter soon approaching, we're reminded of all the sweet treats that tend to come with the observation and celebration of this holy holiday. Eggs are popular to hard-boil and color, and in 1963 the modern-day version of the Cadbury Creme Egg came along to ensure "eggs" were delicious - and chocolately. And that inverted sugar syrup concoction that passes for the white and the yolk, that's delicious too. A 40-gram serving of the Creme Egg contains 303 calories, 29 grams of carbs, and 6.1 grams of fat. And barely any protein.

But in some chippes in England and Sydney, Australia, and probably much of the Deep South here in the US, they're upping the ante. We bring you: the DEEP-FRIED CADBURY CREME EGG!

Yes, they're taking a Cadbury Creme Egg, rolling it in flour and egg wash, DEEP FRYING it. And in Sydney - just to maximize the taste/damage - a dipping sauce consisting of Nutella is becoming a popular side.

I don't have the nutrition info, but it's probably so freakin' delicious you won't care. And now I might have to try this at home or wherever I can get my hands on a deep fryer.

Deep-fried Cadbury Creme Egg, courtesy of Instagram @milkylaneofficial

And just in case you want to WATCH this process, I found an example on YouTube:

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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