Like to eat cereal while painting? Well, Bob Ross Cereal might be for you.

Cereal is one of our favorite breakfast foods. It's pretty versatile. It can be healthy, or basically an early morning sugar bomb. It can have a theme or cartoon character it's named after, like Count Chocula or Fruity Pebbles. It can be Grape-Nuts, which I hated as a kid but now love for some weird reason. There have been cereals for movies ("Star Wars" among them) but never a cereal for a gentle-speaking painter who was beloved on PBS.

Well, now that's changed.

This story from - yes, a website that focuses on cereal - talks about the "Joy of Cereal" you can buy with Bob Ross' likeness on it. So you can enjoy a (perhaps semi?) nutritious breakfast while saluting the painter who gave PBS audiences something to smile about on canvas from 1983 to 1994. You can also buy some at - but at last look it was like $9.99 a box! That stuff has better be good.

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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