Barbie turned 60 over the weekend - did you know she's from Wisconsin?

Everybody knows the Barbie doll, right? Originating in 1959 (March 9th was her debut, hence her "birthday"), Barbie is one of the most iconic children’s toys in history and remains the most popular doll on the market.

The first Barbie doll was officially unveiled at the New York Toy Fair and 60 years later she's still a sensation among children and the adults who grew up playing with her and her friends. There’s even a National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention each year to celebrate the doll and those who have a love for her.

With her birthday being this past Saturday, Barbie’s birthday was celebrated with events across the world. In New York City, the Empire State Building was lit pink in honor of the career-ambitious doll. Other Barbie celebrations happened at iconic places including the TOKYO SKYTREE® (that's how I had to write it, with the registered mark and everything), Toronto’s CN Tower and Sydney’s Bondi Beach. If you went to Target this weekend, you may have noticed Barbie events including career learning, cookie decorating, and checking out all the varieties of dolls. There was even a Barbie-doll pop-up experience in hit New York City on Saturday and in Arkansas kicked off a Barbie “ Be Anything ” tour, scheduled to visit 36 Walmart locations across the country through October.

Lisa McKnight, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Barbie, said, "The Barbie brand believes girls should never know a world, job, or dream women haven’t conquered. Through our global platform, we are igniting a movement to help close the Dream Gap and further establish Barbie as the ultimate girl empowerment brand.”

But did you also know Barbie was from Wisconsin? Here are some interesting Barbie facts:

  • Barbie’s real and full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts and she was named after her creator, Ruth Handler’s, daughter.
  • The first Barbie doll cost only $3.
  • Barbie had has more than 200 different careers throughout her time from astronaut to TV news anchor.
  • On average 58 million Barbie dolls are sold annually.
  • The dolls are sold in 150 countries around the world.
  • Barbie went to space and ran for president before man walked on the moon and before there was ever a female presidential candidate.
  • And in Barbie's original bio from Mattel, she hailed from Willows, Wisconsin. Which isn't a real town, but there is a Town of Willow in Richland County if you want to pretend. That would be not too far west of here!

Shop for Barbie dolls HERE and see "25 of the Coolest Job Barbie Has Had" HERE. Also, check out the summary video below:

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