Uff Da! Discover Wisconsin checks out beautiful Norskedalen this weekend

Norskedalen means "Norwegian valley" in Norwegian (what else?) and this beautiful nature, cultural, and historic center tucked into the bluffs and valleys in SE La Crosse County offers a little bit of everything. The Thrune Visitor Center offers history and artifacts, trail guides (there are over 9 miles of trails on the grounds), a viewing room, and a gift shop. A historic "stave" or church hosts weddings, the Bekkum homestead provides a unique and authentic look at 19th century life in Wisconsin, and the Paulsen Cabin (not named after any relatives of mine, as far as I know) offers overnight accommodations.

This weekend, Discover Wisconsin takes a look at this incredible, peaceful, and fun place called Norskedalen. From casual visits to their well-organized events, this just might be a place you have to add to your list - especially once spring actually decides to show up!

You can watch below on demand, as well as on Fox Sports Wisconsin Saturday morning at 10, on WKOW-TV Channel 27 in Madison Saturday night at 6:30, or on FOX6 in Milwaukee Sunday morning at 10. Uff Da!

Doing a little reading at Norskedalen for Discover Wisconsin
Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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