Lady Liberty is back on Lake Mendota!

Winter Carnival is happening in Madison this weekend, and a nice surprise can be found on Lake Mendota: the return of "Lady Liberty"! The Wisconsin Union brought back a to-scale, inflatable replica of the Statue’s head, arm and torch, the likes of which we first saw back in 1979.

That year, the "Pail and Shovel Party" made a campaign promise that, if elected to the Wisconsin Student Association, among other wacky things they'd bring the Statue of Liberty to Madison - and then they did after being elected (that's back when politicians kept more of their promises, I guess.)

Mills Botham, Wisconsin Union President led this year’s effort to create the inflatable version of the Statue of Liberty, something he said they have been considering for two years.

And after that polar vortex treatment earlier this week, we could all use a good laugh amidst not having the air hurt our face outdoors, right?

Here's a picture of it below, from Instagram and our friends at WKOW-TV:

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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