That famous "Madison at -37" postcard was taken 68 years ago TODAY

Going to college at UW-Madison was so much fun, but I do remember some cold days similar to the brutal stretch we're enduring now. What stood out to me was seeing the famous postcard showing a frigid Madison, looking so cold that the planet Neptune would offer up a blanket or something. The headline was "Madison, WI at 37 degrees below zero."

Turns out this image of Madison was taken January 30, 1951 - exactly 68 years ago today!

The previous polar blast that dropped us to -20F was February 2-3, 1996, 23 years ago this weekend.

With temperatures in the -20 to perhaps even -30 range tonight, there's definitely something about the very end of January and start of February that invites the coldest air masses the most. Bundle up in as many layers as you can (until you look like the little brother in "A Christmas Story", basically, where you can't put down your arms) and stay safe! We'll get out of the uber deep freeze later on tomorrow. The 40 degrees predicted for Sunday will feel tropical!

Hey, you have great music to enjoy in the meantime. :)

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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