Ready for amazing ice carvings? We talk with an artist about it!

During Wisconsin winters, we need some fun outside. With snow and ice all around, it's also cool when artists - some as a hobby, some as a profession - can take their vision and tools and shape our cold-weather driving inconveniences into something breathtaking. We've all seen amazing ice carvings at weddings, snow sculptures at competitions, or maybe even the ice bars that some establishments create during the coldest stretch of the year, right?

Well, this weekend at The Corners of Brookfield, they're hosting Winterfest. Among the fun activities, they have the Wisconsin State Ice Carving Competition taking place. Ever wonder how those artists actually DO what they do?? Ahead of Winterfest - where you can find me with 95.7 BIG FM on Saturday the 12th from 2-4pm - I had a chance to talk with one artist, Jeff Shawhan, to get some answers. Check it out here on my latest EricCast podcast!

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Winterfest at The Corners of Brookfield, January 11-13, 2019
Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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