Michael Bolton: Learn more about him before our Bolton Bash!

Did you know Michael Bolton once opened for Ozzy Osbourne and that he was a hard rockin' 80s hair band guy? How did he (involuntarily at first) shift from hard rock to lighter pop hits? Which legendary comedian did he buy cookware for, and what R&B artist's widow say Michael Bolton's cover was her favorite version of her late husband's biggest hit? How did he feel about his portrayal in "Office Space"? Did you know Michael Bolton is also a documentary filmmaker?

The 95.7 BIG FM Bolton Bash is coming up Tuesday, December 11th, and Michael Bolton talks with Eric Paulsen about the upcoming show, his early rock career, his shift to the songs that made his career huge, how he felt about "Office Space," his connection to Rodney Dangerfield, the "Jack Sparrow" video that introduced him to a new generation, and a lot more.

Listen to his interview with Michael Bolton on the EricCast here, or stream it below on iHeartRadio. Also, check out his spoof of Office Space via Funny Or Die below, as well as the Jack Sparrow video and more information on the 95.7 BIG Bolton Bash at the Riverside Theater Tuesday, December 11th! Don't forget you can WIN Michael Bolton tickets with Murphy & Meg all this week around 6:40 with their Morning Mindbender, too. Enjoy!

95.7 BIG FM Bolton Bash
Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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