Even the Amish have Uber now - of sorts

Colon, Michigan (yes, it's pronounced how you think it is) is a pleasant little community in lower Michigan flanked by two lakes and recognized by the U.S. Congress as the "Magic Capital of the World." Famous magician Harry Blackstone, Sr. (known as "the Great Blackstone") hailed from Colon, and the Abbott Magic Company is headquartered here.

But if you want a ride from a ride-sharing program, another new service in town may seem like an illusion to you at first: Amish Uber.

The term was coined by Timothy Hochstedler, a Amish man who serves the town in an Uber-like capacity by offering rides - in his horse and buggy. Inside this four-wheeled, four-legged service, people share a ride and Hochstedler shares some stories. Everyone's happy.

Of course, the Uber app won't let you flag Timothy down - you just need to spot him and wave your arms for that.

A TV station in Grand Rapids shares his story with the video below.

You know, I always thought in the winter up in the North Woods we can have a ride-sharing service using snowmobiles and calling it "Snuber." But that's a discussion for another time, perhaps.

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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