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Wisconsin-y story: woman chugs beer out of a fish

On July 23, Amy Meyers was out on a fishing trip on Lake Michigan with her girlfriends. Her goal? To catch fish, of course. The 28-year-old Poy Sippi native landed a 22-pound salmon, taking nearly 20 minutes and 700 feet of fishing line to reel it in six miles off the coast from Port Washington. Of course, catching the fish was a triumph. But things were to get more interesting.

Meyers was dared to "slam a salmon," a goofy trend that some have put on the web. "Slam a salmon" doesn't mean slamming down the fish itself. It means pouring a beer down into the salmon and shotgunning it back through the salmon's mouth.


Not one to turn down a dare, Meyers - ever the trooper, apparently - waited until the fish was gutted, scrubbed, and then cleaned (by being dragged behind the boat in the water) and then went ahead and slammed a beer from the fish. Of course, somebody took video and it went viral. As of July 26, the video had been viewed more than half a million times (I guess I'm helping too, sharing this.) 

When interviewed by the Journal Sentinel, Meyers said it still felt "gross and slimy" when it slipped into her mouth. Turns out she may be the first woman to have accomplished the feat — or at least the first to post it online. 

Her advice to a first-time salmon slammer? "Just keep chugging until it's done."

The brief, kinda gross video is below.

That's one heck of a Wisconsin girl!

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