New EricCast episode: meet "Sports Wisconsin"

In this latest edition of the EricCast, I talk with Cari Greving of Sports Wisconsin, an organization diligently working to market the state and its opportunities for hosting sports events - big and small - to other areas of not only the Midwest, but the entire country. Our state is a great destination for sports events of all kinds, including fast-growing and emerging sports and events you may not think off right off the top. Major basketball or soccer tournaments can be one thing, but how about championships and major events for everything from lumberjack competitions to beach volleyball and emerging sports like kubb?

Sports Wisconsin works to match organizations all over looking for places to host events with venues all over the state. We're not talking just major venues like Lambeau Field or Camp Randall Stadium or Miller Park, either; you'd be surprised at what we have to offer!

Cari and I talk about what Wisconsin brings to the table, how hosting these events boosts local and regional economies, and where things are heading on this episode of the EricCast.

Link to the podcast on your iHeartRadio app here, or stream it below!

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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