Eating Champ Chestnut takes on curds at State Fair

A cheese curd-eating competition at Wisconsin State Fair is tasty, fun, and exciting. But when Joey Chestnut and other competitive eaters from around the world announce they're participating, it's suddenly on a whole new level.

As FOX6 reported, the competitive eating champion - and many others - will come to Wisconsin State Fair for the first-ever Wisconsin Cheese Curd Eating Championship.

According to the news release, this will be the first time a world record in the cheese curd-eating discipline will be set. It will last six minutes, with Chestnut seeking to set a new world record. Other top eaters set to take part include the #6-ranked Gideon Oji from Morrow, GA, the #8-ranked Darron Breeden from Orange, VA, the #40-ranked Matthew Raible from Edwards, IL and the #45-ranked Andrew Kogutkiewicz from Racine.

Kristi Chuckel, communications director for Wisconsin State Fair Park, said “We are excited to announce the addition of the Cheese Curd Eating Championship as the newest can’t-miss event during this year’s State Fair. There is no better place to unite cheese lovers and competitive eaters!”

Heck, I may try to join. It's the tastiest way to get way more than your recommended daily allowance of calcium!

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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