Ever seen astronauts falling on the moon?

The 49th anniversary of the first Moon landing is coming up July 20, so a look back at these landings and their significance is definitely in order.

Now, we've all seen footage of astronauts walking on the Moon, often in a bouncy way since the Moon's gravity is a fraction of Earth's. However, that can make for some awkwardness, as you're getting used to a whole new center of gravity and different effects of movement on your body. As a result, some hit the turf (or the dust, or whatever's on the Moon. I know it's not green cheese, they confirmed that a long time ago.)

It's kind of funny to watch, even though part of me wonders if they were a little terrified that with a rough enough landing, perhaps on some cragged Moon rocks, the suit might rip. Fortunately, that didn't happen. So enjoy this video of Astronauts falling on the Moon, with commentary!

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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