Jolly Good Soda bringing back two unique flavors

If you like pina coladas, and drinking Jolly Good soda, now you can do both.

Our own Wisconsin-based Jolly Good Soda is relaunching two of its nostalgic flavors, bringing back Blue Raspberry and Pina Colada - and not just for a limited time.

"Both Blue Raspberry and Pina Colada ranked among the top in the flavor poll we did two years ago, and we followed the same recipes that our consumers remember from their past experiences with Jolly Good,” said John Rassel, president of Krier Foods Inc., “We have received such great feedback and support from our consumers that we really just listened to what they were asking for.” 

With the addition of these two, now eight flavors of Jolly Good soda can be bought at the store: Grape, Fruit Punch, Cherry, Orange, Cream Soda, Sour Power, Blue Raspberry and Pina Colada. Each flavor is available for purchase in an individual can, single-flavor 12 packs or in variety 12 packs.

Drink on!

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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