Joy Behar latest to injure herself with an avocado

I've really gotten into avocados lately. Doesn't even have to be guac, I love slicing them and adding them to omelets, nachos, salads, whatever. And cutting them can be tricky with that pit. Sometimes the knife wants to slip, and sometimes that can end up a bloody mess if your fingers or hand is the knife's next destination.

Now, I've never had a significant injury from what doctors now call "avocado hand," but apparently by near-misses have been real cuts with many others. Meryl Streep, Andi Dorfman from "The Bachelorette," and a bunch of others. Most recently, this happened to "The View"'s Joy Behar, who was hospitalized with a major cut to her hand. Her doctor noted to her that they see this "all the time."

Here's Joy talking about it on "The View" below. But you should still eat avocados, they're REALLY good for you. And tasty. Here's to your health!

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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