VIDEO: Clay Matthews and the nose-breaking hit

The Green Bay Packers' longtime linebacker had to make an emergency trip to the ER... not from a football game, but from a softball game.

As Green Bay's Channel 2 reported, Matthews was pitching in the annual Green and Gold Charity Softball Game in Grand Chute (the stadium near Appleton where the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers play) on Saturday when a line drive popped him right in the nose. He went down on the pitcher's mound before walking off, holding his nose with his glove. He was transported to the ER and tweeted this out shortly after:

"Thank you for all the concern and well-wishes. I busted my nose pretty good and will have surgery once the swelling subsides. Thankful as it could have been much more serious." -- @ClayMatthews52

Here's video of the line drive hit:

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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