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Newest Podcast on a unique Racine event Saturday

The iHeartRadio app has SO much available. You can not only stream out station anywhere and enjoy custom artist channels, and playlists, the app is great for PODCASTS, too!

I have two podcasts on iHeartRadio: the EricCast, where we explore all kinds of topics from whimsical to serious, and now the State Trunk Tour Podcast, where we focus on road trips, unique places, and fun events across Wisconsin. It's like an extension of the Discover Wisconsin show, which I co-host.

Check out both and save 'em to your iHeartRadio app if either are up your alley!

Meanwhile, Racine County is having a unique event this Saturday, May 5th. It's called Open House Racine County. It involves nearly 60 venues from Racine's downtown to towns and countryside locations across the county which are open and free to explore. Some samples include:

  • Touring Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, including S.C. Johnson's HQ campus and Wingspread
  • The RAM (Racine Art Museum), Racine Historical Museum, and the Logic Puzzle Museum in Burlington
  • A ride on the "World's Largest Sleigh" for the kids in Caledonia
  • Wine-and-Kringle pairings (kringle is big in Racine) at their Visitor Center just off I-41/94
  • The Modine-Benstead Observatory, check out the stars and even the sun (through filters, of course)
  • Tours of state-of-the-art factories making advanced equipment used around the world
  • Historic schoolhouses, cabins, and other buildings from the 1800s
  • ... and a lot more.

I talk about all of this with Paul Holley of Real Racine in the latest episode. 

For another interesting conversation about Racine in general (including how you can find the actual gun John Dillinger used when he robbed a Racine bank in 1934!), check out another episode below, where I talk with Cari Greving of Real Racine. They're both fun discussions!

Between the EricCast and the State Trunk Tour Podcast, I'll have a lot more material to share right here. Enjoy when you want a break from the great tunes we play!

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