Utility bill credit should come your way by July

Looks like you're getting a credit to your utility bill in July. As this FOX6 report notes, the tax bill recently passed in Washington has affected the price utilities are allowed to charge customers.

Last time rates were set, the tax on investor-owned utilities (including We Energies and MG&E) was 35%. and that was factored in to the rates passed on to customers. The tax bill that passes a few months ago lowered that to 21%, which in turn is supposed to lower utilities' rates to reflect their savings on taxes.

Consequently, the state Public Service Commission voted 3-0 on Thursday to order investor-owned utilities in Wisconsin to give their customers $130 million worth of credit. Each individual customer's savings will vary, and the utilities say they need time to figure all that out. Credits should be issued by July.

Now let's hope summer isn't too hot so those credits get eaten up by a lot of air conditioning use! We all had to use heaters longer than usual in April, after all...

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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