Finally: a book about which animals fart

Reading is fundamental, as they used to tell me. You need to read books that broaden your horizons, inform you, inspire you, and of course... let you know who farts and who doesn't.

Enter this latest book in the "flatulence or no?" category: Does It Fart?, a new book from authors Daniella Rabaiotti and Nick Caruso, with illustrations (including gas bubbles) from Ethan Kocak. This book is actually a good compilation of a topic scientists have gathered significant data on, probably giggling as they did.

Gizmodo tells you more, from the volume of the releases of blue whales to what millipedes do.

Admit it, you're curious! Buy the book here from Amazon. Kids will go crazy for it. As do DJs.

Photo credit: bertknot/Ryan Mandelbaum (Flickr)

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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