Portillo's adding 3rd Wisconsin location: Madison!

Madison is about to get the incredibly tasty place that Milwaukee just got two of: Portillo's!

Now, I've lived in the Chicago area twice and while I love Chi-town (just not most of their sports teams) there's no question some of their hot dog stands and Italian beef sandwiches just can't be beat. As recently as late 2016, I've found reasons to go to Illinois just to have Portillo's. When they expanded into the Milwaukee area last year, that ended: I could always enjoy their food in Brookfield and Greenfield.

And now, Portillo's is expanding in Wisconsin with a third location in Madison! As reported by WKOW 27, it will open later this year near East Towne. And yes, I'll be there ordering an Italian Beef, dunked (in the u jus) with hot peppers!

Here's a video from when they opened in Milwaukee just a short time ago:

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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