Rapper T-Pain launches "University of Wiscansin"

In 2008, rapper and massive user of auto-tune T-Pain released a hit song called "Can't Believe It" (with Lil' Wayne.) In it, he rhymed "mansion" with "Wisconsin" by changing our state's name to "Wiscansin." I made good-natured fun of it a lot when I played back in '08 for doing that. 

Who knew ten years later he'd being the word back to launch the University of Wiscansin, get a Madison area code for the school's number, offer courses such as "The History of Auto-Tune," "Mixology," and "The Art of Sprung"? Oh yeah, a clothing line too - which we'll probably see all over campus soon! I know I'm buying some stuff...

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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