NFL owners unanimously vote to simplify catch rule

The question of whether or not a catch is a catch in the NFL has flummoxed fans, players, coaches, and even commentators for a while now. Catches by Dez Bryant of the Cowboys, Jesse James of the Patriots, and several by some Packers are among the most controversial this past season - was that a catch, or not??

Rules involving "control all the way to the ground" (or, "completing the process of the catch") as well as whether the ball moves at all while the receiver holds it has turned the analysis of a catch into a level of rocket science never meant for a sport.

NFL owners must have been frustrated with it too, because they voted 32-0 today to simply the rules.

Now it's basically "control, two feet, and perform a football act." Which can still be controversial, but hopefully less so than the extra requirements the previous rules had.

For full details on the new rule, click here.

To see one example of what DIDN'T count as a catch before that probably will now, check out this catch by Jesse James towards the end of the Steelers-Patriots game this past season:

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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