Did you know Uecker had a poisonous spider bite??

According to TMJ4 and this story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, last October our own "Mr. Baseball" Bob Uecker suffered a spider bite in Arizona.

And not just any spider - a brown recluse, which is very poisionous.

But, as writer Tom Haudricort said, Uecker is "one tough, old buzzard." He barely noticed the bite and only went in to the doc four days later for blood work - and thought he'd point out the wound. That led to surgery right away and a long recovery time. Apparently Bob has photos of his wound while it was trying to heal if, as Haudricort noted, "you want to get really grossed out."

See more details here. Meanwhile, enjoy this clip of "Mr. Baseball" in a funny interview with Johnny Carson back in 1976, when fashions were... well, different.

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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