WI Big Mac lover goes for his 30,000th sandwich!

Dan Gorske is well-known to the McDonald's Corporation and Big Mac lovers worldwide. Since May of 1972, he's eaten a Big Mac - or two or three - pretty much every day. His health is apparently just fine and he's not a super-huge guy. At all.

Gorske, 64, who of course is from Wisconsin (Fond du Lac), was featured briefly in Morgan Spurlock's film Super Size Me and has been featured on ABC and other national news outlets whenever he's crossed a threshold. When he hit 20,000 Big Macs, it made news. When he had downed 25,000 of them, it made news. Now, he's going for 30,000!

It made news when he had his 29,000th Big Mac too, by the way, here's the report from that.

I wonder if he likes the Mac Jr. sandwiches at all? I much say, I'm a fan of that one...

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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