EriCast begins: check out our America interview!

The EriCast podcast has launched! We'll be talking about all kinds of interesting topics, from music and places to issues of the day trying to get to the bottom of things. For this first podcast, I present my interview with Dewey Bunnell, one of the founders and lead singers of the group America. You know songs like "Ventura Highway," "A Horse With No Name," "Tin Man," "You Can Do Magic," and more. We discuss what was up with that horse who never got a name, if alligator lizards are real (they are), what their shows are like nowadays, and more. They'll be performing in Sheboygan April 27 at the Stephanie Weill Center for the Performing Arts as part of their extensive 2018 tour. Enjoy the podcast and thanks for listening!

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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