Florida cold has iguanas falling out of trees

We've been cold here in Wisconsin - I mean, the temperature hasn't hit 20 yet in 2018 and words like "frigid" and "dangerous" have been in some of our forecasts. But Florida's getting a dose of Old Man Winter too, where things are much more fragile in the cold.

Take iguanas, for example.

With snow in Tallahassee, freeze watches around Tampa and Orlando, and temps dipping below 40 as far south as the Miami suburbs, iguanas are literally freezing up and falling out of trees.

Since they're cold-blooded, their temp is what the temp outside is, and their bodies literally go into a sort of "deep sleep." But apparently it's not a death warrant; when the weather warms back up - which will be quickly down there - they go back to normal.

Which is probably why iguanas don't hang out in the wild in Wisconsin.

Photo credit: Kay Pavkovich

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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