What Wisconsinites order from Walmart most...hmmm

Very interesting info has come to us from Walmart. Apparently different states have different "standout" items that rank tops for online orders, as the huge retail chain has revealed in this article I'm referencing from our friends at FOX6 in Milwaukee.

It's probably no surprise that protein powder ranks high for online orders in California, nor is it strange to have BBQ sauce being among the tops in Oklahoma. Flannel shirts in Wyoming? We get it. Erasers in Illinois? Hey, their politicians need to get rid of evidence, right?

A little stranger that Michigan orders so many lavender-scented cleaning products, or that Oregon orders so many humidifers (where most people live in Oregon, it's pretty damp all the time.)

So what about Wisconsin? Would it shock you to know the item they selected is Packer-related? Probably not. But would it surprise you that it's Packer bath mats?? I was surprised at that. But maybe that's what we like to see stepping out of the shower, even in a non-playoff year.

See below for a state-by-state analysis!

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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