Wisconsin drops some odd stuff on New Year's Eve

Seeing the ball drop - which was a lit-up apple for a while - in New York City's Times Square is an American tradition. But that happens at 11pm our time. And here, there some other traditions, new and old, of lowering things as midnight approaches.

Did you know that Prairie du Chien drops a carp at midnight? Yes, their annual Droppin' of the Carp has become an annual tradition. They literally fish a carp out of the adjacent Mississippi River, name it "Lucky," adorn it with makeup and lights, and lower it for the midnight countdown. It's all part of a big outdoor party by the river.

Plymouth drops a big wedge of cheese, since they brand themselves as "Cheese Capital of the World." In Door County, they're starting a new tradition by dropping a big lit cherry - Door County's most famous export - in Sister Bay.

Get all the details here from the Wisconsin road trip website, StateTrunkTour.com! And party in a unique way to ring in 2018.

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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