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Podcast: Comedian Bill Burr loves Milwaukee

Comedian Bill Burr is a funny - and direct and blunt - guy. But this Boston native loves Milwaukee. In his Podcast, available through the iHeartRadio App, he dotes on the city, talking about the Bronze Fonz (his occasional joke about his resemblance to Ralph Malph included), the Riverside Theater where we performed, the Harley-Davidson Museum, and more.

He had this to say about the Pfister Hotel, which is he claimed is his favorite hotel in the country:

"I swear to God, it’s called the Pfister. If you are ever in Milwaukee, that’s where you stay. You stay at The Pfister... you could've shot The Shining in there. I mean that in a good way, not the creepy way. As creepy as that movie is, that is a beautiful hotel. It’s literally something that Stanley Kubrick could’ve filmed one of his masterpieces in.”

I love his comparison of Milwaukee to Chicago:

“This is how great Milwaukee is: I actually told people in Milwaukee that I wasn’t going to tell how great it is, but I kind of have to because it’s f***ing amazing. Most people won’t listen anyways, right? All the YOLO douches, you know, they’re going to go to Chicago. Maybe. Go to a Cubs game, you know, with their popped collar or whatever the f**k they do.”“Milwaukee is basically Chicago with like, you know, f***ing half the population. All the same stuff, all the same great views, without the traffic. I love it.”

His final thoughts on Milwaukee and his visit:

“We just had the best time. We just kept saying it: I f***ing love this city. This city is awesome. And I don’t say this about a lot of places, but I could literally live there.”

Hey, you're welcome to becoming a resident Milwaukeean, Bill! I'll get one of my neighbors in the Third Ward to sell their condo. :)

Check out his full set of podcasts, accessible with the iHeartRadio App, here!

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