Pewaukee HS: Homecoming Dress Pre-Approval Needed

All schools have dress codes. When I was in high school in Texas, the guys couldn't wear shorts even when it was 103 degrees outside. Girls could wear skirts and keep cooler, so we tried one day in a protest that didn't go over well down there, but I digress...

In advance of homecoming this year, Pewaukee High School is doing something we don't see any other Wisconsin public school doing: they're requiring all "dress-wearing" students and guests to send photos of their attire before they can buy tickets to the Pewaukee High School homecoming dance. The policy has been around since 2015, but a reminder letter sent out the other day is re-igniting debate over it.

Some are calling it sexist, particularly because it focuses on female dresses; other say it's designed to uphold the dress code standard and preemptively keep students from being sent home from the event for showing too much skin. Here's more on the story and a variety of reactions.

What do you think??

(Photo: 3bugsmom, Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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