Oktoberfest shoes are here: puke- and spill-proof!

Oktoberfest season is almost upon us, be sure to dress accordingly! This is me in Sheboygan filming for Discover Wisconsin during an Oktoberfest celebration. Yeah, I know the lederhosen looks cool, but it would be MUCH cooler if you had shoes on that could resist getting beer spilled on them. Or some unfortunate soul who imbibed too much lets loose all over the ground where your shoes are in the vicinity. Amiright??

Well, Adidas seems to have the answer. Check out these German sneakers designed for the occasion!

By the way, Oktoberfest celebrations are coming up big-time: Milwaukee, La Crosse, Chippewa Falls, you name it. And aren't Oktoberfest celebrations a lot more fun than pumpkin spice everything??

Come to think of it, I should wear these shoes when I go on my alma mater campus at UW-Madison and hit the bars on State Street...

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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