Comedian, Vikings trying to troll #12 with ex Munn

Rivalries heat up as football season approaches. Comedian Nick Swardson, who you may know from stand-up, his role on Reno 911!, or current shows like Typical Rick, is a Minnesota native and Vikings fan. He's hung out with Aaron Rodgers a few times and recently took to Twitter with #12's ex saying he's "drafting" Olivia Munn to become a Vikings fan, too.

Twitter noticed, especially when the Vikings organization got involved. Taking their traditional battle cry "SKOL, Vikings!", they changed Munn's name to "Skolivia" and are inviting her to games now. And now it's a poking-fun attempt to troll the Packers and Rodgers a bit. And we know how well the Vikings' attempts to one-up the Packers has worked over the years.

We like Olivia, but hey... Minnesota... do you really want to give Aaron more motivation to hand your butts to you during the regular season matchups? See you in the Twin Cities on October 15th!

Comedian Nick Swardson said on Twitter he's "drafting" Olivia Munn to be a VIkings fan. (Photo courtesy of @NickSwardson on Twitter.)

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen

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