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Eight People in Wisconsin Got Stuck Upside-Down on a Rollercoaster

Luckily, it sounds like no one was seriously injured here. No word yet on how many of them are still puking though . . .

Eight people in Crandon, Wisconsin got stuck upside-down on a rollercoaster for over THREE HOURS this past weekend.

It happened at a county fair on Sunday in Crandon, Wisconsin, about 100 miles north of Green Bay.

The ride is called the "Fire Ball." It's like a rollercoaster, except it's just one big loop. So normally, you go around and around over and over.

Unfortunately, the ride stopped during one of those loops. So everyone on it was left hanging upside-down. Seven of the eight people on board were kids.

It took over three hours before firefighters got them all down. They say the ride recently passed an inspection, but that there was obviously some sort of "mechanical failure." 

People hanging upside down on the roller coaster track

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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