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A Groom Scrolled Through His Phone......as He WALKED DOWN THE AISLE!

There are times when it's NOT cool to be scrolling through Instagram: When you're in a meeting . . . when you're at the movies . . . or when you're in the middle of getting married.

video is going viral online, of a couple walking back down the aisle just after getting married . . . on their way out of the church.

The bride is BEAMING . . . smiling and chatting with guests . . . while the groom has his head down, buried in his phone. It looks like he's scrolling through photos or messages . . . or maybe he's ordering DoorDash?

The woman notices him looking at his phone, but doesn't seem that bothered . . . but the internet sure is.

There are COUNTLESS comments slamming the guy, and predicting the demise of the relationship. It got so intense that the original video was taken down by the family member that posted it.

No one knows for sure what was happening, but someone who claims to have been there says that this was NOT the official walk down the aisle. 

That person shared footage where the groom WAS engaged with the bride and the guests. There are a lot more people inside, so this makes sense. 

They say the couple went back in to the church to take photos with family . . . and this was them leaving that second time. If that's the case, he was probably just scrolling through some of the group pics that were taken . . . or was maybe coordinating with someone about the reception.

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