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Your child's school might soon be banning.....Chocolate Milk!

Here's the only story your 10-year-old will care about today. There might be a CHOCOLATE MILK BAN coming.

According to "The Wall Street Journal", the Department of Agriculture is thinking of removing chocolate milk from public school cafeterias, along with all other flavored milks. They have more sugar, so that's why.

People in favor of a ban say it could keep kids healthy, and lower rates of childhood diabetes.

People against it say chocolate milk is still a net benefit because of all the calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. And if their only option is regular milk, kids might not drink it at all.

High schools would still be allowed to have it. Just elementary and middle schools wouldn't. But they're supposedly considering two different options . . .

One would be a full ban. The other would just limit the amount of added sugar allowed.  (In other words, they could still hand out BAD chocolate milk.)

Some cities have already done this on their own, by the way. For example, Boston took chocolate milk off its cafeteria menus a while back.

Also, a ban like this wouldn't actually be unprecedented. The federal government already banned whole milk AND 2% milk back in 2010. 

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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