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5% of people make it a point to eat THIS first on chocolate bunnies'

This Sunday is Easter, so I pooked around the internet to uncover some interesting facts and stats. Here they are:

1. For some reason, people are staying home this Easter. In a poll, people were asked what they did LAST year, and what they plan to do THIS year.

67% of people spent time with friends and family last year, while 35% stayed at home. This year, 56% say they'll hang out with friends and family, while 41% say they will stay home.

Compared to last year, a similar percentage of people are going to church (30%) and having a meal at a restaurant (18%). So the biggest change is just spending time with family versus staying home.

2. 90 million chocolate bunnies are sold in the U.S. for Easter every year.  (Just PLEASE resist the urge to buy your kids a REAL rabbit. Taking care of a pet rabbit is a lot less cute than it seems.)

3. When eating chocolate bunnies, 78% of us eat the EARS first . . . 17% go for the feet first . . . and 5% make a point to eat the TAIL first. 

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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