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A Woman Walked Out on a Date....Because He Wouldn't Pay $3 Extra for Cheese

There's nothing wrong with splurging a little on a date. In fact, you could get DUMPED if you don't.

A woman named Dafna went viral on TikTok, after she talked about a date that was going perfectly fine . . . until her date ordered a burger. 

The waitress asked him if he wanted cheese on it, and he asked if that was an extra charge. She said it would be $3 more, so he said no.

He later told Dafna that it was crazy how they charge extra for everything these days, and that turned her off. She said, "Yeah, it's New York City."

After they ate their meal, she got up, saying she had to go to the restroom. But instead, she paid the bill and walked out. She texted the guy, telling him that the check was paid . . . that he should've gotten the cheese . . . and blocked him.

Dafna apparently wasn't interested in a man who was frugal . . . if even just for himself. So she seemed happy about the decision.

But she's getting RIPPED in the comments, with people saying SHE'S the one who's crazy.

She tried to have fun with it in follow-up videos . . . there's one about how cheese costs more even at the store, and there's a skit where she goes out to a restaurant and orders EXTRA, $12 cheese for her burger.

But she also complains about how people are being way too harsh to her.

In any event, Dafna claims she IS giving the guy a second chance. She says they're talking again . . . and that there will be another date. She added, "He's a psycho like me, and we're going to have fun."

Bored Female on an Outdoor Date Being Rude

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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