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Kids Become More Tech-Savvy Than Their Parents at THIS age.....

If you've got an 11-year-old at home, you've only got one more year before they're your tech support . . .

According to a new poll, the age when kids become more tech-savvy than their parents is 12 years old.

47% of all parents with kids under 18 said their children are better with tech than they are. So it CAN happen even earlier, but 12 is the average.

One in seven parents said their kids have even outwitted them before, and disabled things like parental controls on social media.

We also don't know a lot of the slang they use online. Two-thirds of parents said their kids have used a word or term they'd never heard of.

We're not even sure what their favorite apps and websites are either. Only 28% said they know what Discord is, and just 11% had heard of the popular social media app BeReal. 

Father & 2 girls reading bedtime story on tablet

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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