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Tickets for the Lake Geneva Ice Castles went on sale today!

The ever-popular Ice Castles return this year for their fifth winter in Lake Geneva.

As has been the case for all but the first year, the evocative winter wonderland will be at Geneva National Resort and will include caves and tunnels, slides and crawl spaces, plus tower sculptures and formations, all made from ice.

New this year is an enhanced horse-drawn sleigh ride trail, new lighting features, and winter characters to interact with guests.

Although about 20 artisans will likely begin creating the castles by sometime in November, as always the specific opening date is weather dependent.

The castles have typically been ready by the second half of January and usually remain viable through the end of February.

Tickets to visit the frozen fortress will be go on sale Nov. 28, at icecastles.com.

Rainbow colored ice walls at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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